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In “Intercultural Research: The Current State of Knowledge,” Stephan Dahl seeks to provide a brief overview of the main concepts and theories that are important in understanding intercultural studies. He defines culture as made of different factors that a particular group…
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Read the three articles in the instructions . Then, write three synopsis of the work
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April 21, “Intercultural Research: The Current of Knowledge” In “Intercultural Research: The Current of Knowledge,” Stephan Dahl seeks to provide a brief overview of the main concepts and theories that are important in understanding intercultural studies. He defines culture as made of different factors that a particular group shares, and that becomes a way of interpreting behavior. He argues that culture has two levels: the level of values and assumptions, and the level of behaviors. Furthermore, Dahl describes past research on cultural patterns. He mentioned Hall’s theory on high-context (e.g. uses indirect communication) and low-context cultures (e.g. uses direct communication). He comments that the concepts of high-context and low-context cultures and polychronic (i.e. multitasking) versus monochronic time (i.e. one thing at a time) orientation are useful, but ambiguous.
The next theory comes from Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. These dimensions pertain to: power distance, individualism /collectivism, masculinity/femininity and uncertainty avoidance (Dahl 12). Dahl commends the model for its simplicity and widespread application on different cultural interactions.
Dahl also explains Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner’s seven value orientations. These orientations are: universalism versus particularism; communitarianism versus individualism; neutral versus emotional; defuse versus specific cultures; achievement versus ascription; human-time relationship and; human-nature relationship (Dahl 14). Dahl explains the connections between these orientations and other intercultural theories. In addition, Dahl describes Shalom Schwartz’s Schwartz Value Inventory (SVI). SVI has two categories: individual-level analysis and cultural-level analysis. Dahl concludes that there is no one theory of cultural dimensions.
“What Do Employers Really Want?”
In the article, “What Do Employers Really Want? Top Skills and Values Employers Seek from Job-Seekers,” Randall S. Hansen and Katharine Hansen discuss the major skills and values that employers desire from their employees. They want to help job-seekers become more employable for target employers by explaining these skills and values and how the latter can appear in resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Hansen and Hansen discuss that the top main skills that employers want from employees are: communication skills, analytical/research skills, technical literacy, flexibility, interpersonal abilities, leadership and management skills, multicultural sensitivity, planning and organizing skills, problem-solving/reasoning/creativity skills, and teamwork skills. In addition, Hansen and Hansen stress that the top ten values that employers are seeking for are: morality, flexibility, work ethics, responsibility, loyalty, positive attitude, professionalism, self-confidence, self-motivation, and willingness to learn. Hansen and Hansen conclude that job applicants can cultivate and maintain these skills and values through training, professional development, or getting coaching/mentoring from people who know and apply these skills at the workplace.
“How to Dress in Womens Professional Attire”
The article “How to Dress in Womens Professional Attire” provides suggestions in how to wear professional attire for women. First, women must wear conservative suits. Dark colors are considered professional, especially navy, black, and gray. Second, women can pair a dark suit with a simple white blouse. Third, it notes that women can wear dresses in the office, but it must be paired with a suit jacket. Dresses must also be knee-length and dark in color. Fourth, women must use closed-toe pumps or flats. Fifth, women must have conservative hair style that will not be a bother to them while working, or a distraction to others who see them. Sixth, women must choose to wear simple jewelry. Jewelry must look professional and must not be distracting to others.
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