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Qualitative Research Appraisal - Essay Example

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The research "Why general practitioners do not implement evidence: qualitative study" written by A CFreeman and K Sweeney deals with the General practitioners do not always act on evidence in clinical practice and its implications to the nursing practice.
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Qualitative Research Appraisal
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Extract of sample "Qualitative Research Appraisal"

Download file to see previous pages The researchers presented a clear rationale for the research, setting it in context of any current issues and knowledge of the topic to date. Aside from this they have presented adequate information for the review of related literature to back up readers regarding any existing or past researches with the same topic. The review of related literature of the research article is a focused summary of what has already been published regarding the question or problem for which there is a gap in knowledge. The literature of the research article gives the readers' a picture of what is already known or has already been studied in relation to the problem and identifies where the gaps in knowledge may be. (Caldwell, 2005)
The literature review in the research being critiqued does not necessarily only include published research studies. It also may include published reports about issues related to practice or a description of a theory. (Babbie, 2004) A theory is a written description of how several factors may relate to and affect one each other. The factors described in a theory are usually abstract: that cannot be readily observed and immediately defined and recognized by everyone.
The research report of the article used discusses a theory in its introduction section, the study tests and further explains the relationships proposed in that theory. The meta-category perspective is used in the research report. (Fischer, 2005) It is expected that the study will be based on this, and that is to examine some aspect of life events and perceptions affect the variables in the research.
The literature review should reflect the current state of knowledge relevant to the study and identify any gaps or conflicts. It should include key or classic studies on the topic as well as up to date literature. There should be a balance of primary and secondary sources
Related studies, on the other hand, are studies, inquiries, or investigations already conducted to which the present proposed study is related or has some bearing or similarity. They are usually unpublished materials such as manuscripts, theses, and dissertations. (Creswell, 2003)
Since the study is based on existing theory, then the researcher already has an idea of what relationships to be found. These ideas are stated in the form of a hypothesis, a prediction regarding the relationships or effects of selected factors on other factors. For any study to include a hypothesis there must be some knowledge bout a problem of interest so that the researchers can propose or predict that certain relationships or effects may occur. The research provided two sections for the hypotheses: Life stage (age) hypotheses and Country culture hypotheses. (Fawcett, 2004)
Identify ethical issues related to the study and how they were/were not addressed.
Ethical issues pertinent to the study are discussed. The researchers identified how the rights of informants have been protected and informed consent obtained. The patients who participated in the study were informed regarding the purpose of the research and approval was sought from them prior to the interviews. Health service research committees were responsible for getting the permission of these patients. (Fowler, 2002)
The information regarding and confidentiality of the study were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Qualitative Research Appraisal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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