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Primary Health Care Physicians' Attitude and Practice to Evidence-Based Medicine in Tabuk City - Research Paper Example

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The objective of the paper is to make a thorough investigation of the use of evidence-based medicine among Physicians in the area of Tabuk City in relation to the accessibility of authentic and highly validated material and to assess the feasibility and viability of evidence-based medicine…
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Primary Health Care Physicians Attitude and Practice to Evidence-Based Medicine in Tabuk City
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Extract of sample "Primary Health Care Physicians' Attitude and Practice to Evidence-Based Medicine in Tabuk City"

Download file to see previous pages Random samples of physicians in Tabuk City were procured based on various criteria such as access to EBM sources, their knowledge, and attitude two words the usage, relevance in their practice, time saved and how much improvement was made in patient management. Different questionnaires were used to asses each of the above criteria.

Results: The overall response rate towards the different questionnaire surveys was 86.7%. The results for moving from an opinion based practice through an EBP was 52.9%. In gauging the major barriers faced by Physicians, 65% of them were of the opinion that time was the biggest barrier. In gauging their education, it was found that 41% of them were postgraduates. In evaluating the kind of training undergone by the physicians, 25.5% of them had formal training in relation to EBM, while 74.51% did not undergo any course on the usefulness of EBM. Assessing their attitude towards Evidenced-based medicine it was found that 27.5% of them voted towards the promotion of EBM as (100%), 21% as (80%) while 92.2 of the entire study group raked their attitude more than 50%. The final mean score for the attitude of physicians towards the current promotion of EBM accounted for (81.57) .χ2 = 2.82, p-value = 0.03.

Conclusion: It was proved that there was a dire need among Physicians in the city of Tabuk to increase their knowledge and skill related to Evidence-Based Medicine. To achieve this goal, the use of various intervention strategies should be implemented to bridge the wide gap especially for those physicians who have very limited access.
Health Care Management based on EBM accounts for better results than the traditional method of care. New evidence from Clinical research both invalidates previously accepted diagnostic tests and treatments and replaces them with new ones that are more powerful, more accurate, more efficacious and safer. (2) However, most medical texts are not always based on evidence. Traditional continuous medical education does not work in improving professional practice. (11, 12) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Primary Health Care Physicians' Attitude and Practice to Research Paper.
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