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The idea of this paper emerged from the author’s interest and fascination in how to make a goal of primary care practice a reality. The discussion seeks to answer the question: What has motivated the desire to pursue primary care practice? …
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What has motivated the desire to pursue primary care practice
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My Motivation to Pursue Primary Care Practice My desire to be a practitioner in the medical or healthcare field began long ago. Having witnessed several people suffering to their death for lack of good healthcare during my days as a young person, I developed the passion for learning how to save lives. Saving lives remains my main motivation in life and indeed in my pursuit of further education. While this is the case, I am specifically motivated to pursue primary care practice by the fact that the prevention of diseases or health problems is far better and more desirable than their cure.
According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, primary care practice encompasses several activities including counseling, diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute ailments, patient education, health maintenance, health promotion, and disease prevention (Derry Medical Center, 2014). Being the first point of entry into the healthcare system for patients, it is imperative that the practice remains dedicated to ensuring that the patient as much as possible recovers without developing complications related to their initial ailments as noted by (Baldwin, Chan, Hart, Rosenblatt & Schneeweiss, 1998).
While I wish to see too patients and the general public lead healthier lives, I am more biased toward getting them educated so that they possibly avoid getting sick and take necessary measures to avoid having their situations worsened as a result of negligence or lack of knowledge. Furthermore, I am most supportive of the idea of preventing, diagnosing and treating illnesses early enough before the patient condition gets worse. This way, patients and by extension, the general public and government will not have to spend so much in treating diseases and conditions.
As an aspiring primary care practitioner, I intend to pursue a relevant course in the medical field that will lead me toward furthering my knowledge of heath care and becoming a well grounded physician assistant. It is through hard work and dedication that I hope to finally achieve the noble goal of being in primary care practice.
Baldwin, L., Chan, L., Hart, L., Rosenblatt, R. & Schneeweiss, R. (1998). "The generalist role of specialty physicians: is there a hidden system of primary care?". JAMA 279 (17): 1364–70.
Derry Medical Center (2014). Definition of Family Practice, Primary Care, and Primary Care Practice. Retrieved 15 August, 2014 from Read More
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