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Designing a New Health Care Unit The County of Newell Primary Care Rural Health Clinic Name of University Introduction Primary health care is important for everybody, but in rural areas it is very difficult to acquire premium health care services…
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Design your own Healthcare Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Recruiting healthcare providers for rural health facilities is a very difficult endeavour. Rural areas evaluating these attempts confront further problems, such as availability of sufficient time for recruitment and inadequate financial resources to offer premium services. They usually have inadequate knowledge of potential healthcare delivery alternatives (Vetter-Smith et al., 2012). Thus, I will design a new rural health care unit that will address these abovementioned concerns. The name of the organization is County of Newell Primary Care (CNPC). The type of unit is a rural health clinic. Rural communities are experiencing scarcities in healthcare providers due to having a larger number of elderly locals simultaneously with the increasing number of retiring healthcare providers. According to Glasser and associates (2003), the Urban and Rural Health Chartbook reports greater health inequalities confronting rural populations. Young adults and children in rural areas have the highest rates of mortality, and rural inhabitants have the largest number of fatalities due to accidents and vehicle-caused damages. Rural males are mostly prone to heart illnesses and suicide; rural females are mostly at risk of obesity; and rural populations are more susceptible to smoking (Glasser et al., 2003). Most of the time rural residents, especially the elderly, have to travel far to obtain medical services. Thus, it is important to form adequately staffed and premium healthcare clinics in rural areas. Mission Statement and Values The mission of County of Newell Primary Care is to offer inexpensive, inclusive, and efficient primary healthcare to individuals in the County of Newell, Alberta. CNPC is dedicated to enhancing the education and training of healthcare providers by developing educational programmes for healthcare delivery. The vision for the CNPC is to be the leading health care facility in the County of Newell which provides comprehensive and integrated primary care services involving mental health, preventive care, nutrition, dental procedures, and medical practice. To be the leading health care facility in the County of Newell we are highly educated, trained, and experienced in patient management and are known for providing premium, inexpensive, compassionate, courteous health care services for everybody. In essence, our behaviour and activities give reality to our mission. As a rural health care clinic, we are committed to supporting the population by offering services derived from the following values: affordability—provision of reasonably priced services, and performance of activities that give support to vulnerable individuals; accessibility—provision of accessible, inclusive services; integrity—every action or operation will be performed based on ethical standards; quality—provision of premium, modernised health care services; patient-oriented services—patients will be encouraged to take part in the decision making process with regard to their care. The objective of the County of Newell Primary Care is to enhance the quality of patient care, interaction, problem-solving skills, and retention of rural nurses. The programme was based on a specific set of values. Nurses gain knowledge of and become skilled at rural nurse practices when they establish objectives and evaluate results; when the rural nursing field is acknowledged and understood; and when familiarised and engaged into the facility and the community. Organizational Chart Numerous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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