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Sleep - Essay Example

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It helps in rejuvenating one’s mental and physical energy for undertaking daily activities. My personal lifestyle as a student emphasizes allocation of more time to study and partial leisure before sleeping. I believe in taking about six…
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Extract of sample "Sleep"

Sleep How relevant is sleep to your PERSONAL Lifestyle? Sleep is a critical aspect of humanity. It helps in rejuvenating one’s mental and physical energy for undertaking daily activities. My personal lifestyle as a student emphasizes allocation of more time to study and partial leisure before sleeping. I believe in taking about six hours of sleep to freshen up my mind, get physical energy by eliminating fatigue. For a learner like myself, six hours of sleeping makes me wake up with significant morale to face the next day activities with ease.
2. Are you getting enough?
I do get enough sleep by allocating six hours. This means I get to bed early and wake up early. This has generally boosted my performance in terms of physical and mental wellbeing. Besides, I take a siesta in the afternoon for about 1 hour to accommodate post-meal drowsiness. Through this sleep schedule, I am able to do a lot and effectively.
3. Draw a pie graph of a typical day in your life include all the time spent on each construct i.e. Sleep, eating, class time etc,
4. What overall information did you learn that may positively influence your use of time management?
From the article, it can be noted that sleep is a critical aspect of human survival and efficiency in daily activities. Although many people believe in sleeping only at night, it s important to recognize Siesta as it serves to rejuvenate the body for afternoon activities. Generally, sleep deprivation is dangerous.
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...connections of neurons, which may otherwise become compromised due to activity deficiency. Sleep grants brains that vital chance to make a reorganization of data to aid in finding a solution to a predicament, process newly obtained information as we as re-organize and save memories. Sleep declines human rate metabolism and also the consumption of energy. In both children and also young adults, hormones of growth are released while sleeping. However it is vital to note that circadian rhythms greatly influence the timing, amount and quality of sleep. (, 2011) Even prior to human knowledge about what biological clock entails, it was human knowledge that some...
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..., and then into darkness. Honeycutt and Milliken point out that “this shift in light signals the pineal gland in the brain to secrete melatonin, the hormone that causes us to yawn and our eyelids to become heavy” (66). Eventually the individual falls asleep even when tries to stay awake, he or she cannot. The human sleep consists of two phases that alternate throughout the sleep period. These two phases are REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and Non- REM sleep. The Non-REM phase is the period when most body processes slow down, the muscles are relaxed, and the eyes are relatively still. It includes four stages of progressively deeper sleep (Honeycutt and Milliken 66). After the...
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... is associated with various health deficiencies, which include loss of memory, distorted learning abilities and mood problems (Bonnet, 2011). Additionally, without enough sleep, it is naturally difficult for an individual to concentrate or focus. According to a research published in the Southern Medical Journal, sleep deprivation is one of the causes of the cardiovascular diseases, because sleep is essential for giving the heart and the vascular system the much needed rest (Brannon, Feist, & Updegraff, 2013). Sufficient sleep is especially important for adults, considering that they form the bulk of the productive workforce, thus requires being healthy and free of such sleep disorders that may hamper their productivity and effective duty...
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