Insomnia among adults: causes, effects and treatment - Dissertation Example

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The current study mainly seeks to identify and discuss the causes, effects, and treatment for insomnia among adults aged 18 years old and above by collecting articles published not older than the year 2000 for recent information…
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Insomnia among adults: causes, effects and treatment
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is insomnia as a widespread condition that has adversely affected approximately 30% of adults; because it is a common health concern with which more information is necessary for developing effective interventions and treatment strategies, this study focuses on the causes, effects, and treatment of insomnia. Insomnia has been considered as one of most common complaints with regards to health and numerous individuals perceive such problem to be critical enough to ask for professional help. While previous research has indicated that the likelihood to develop insomnia is increased with the female gender, it can also be expected to occur more among older people. Moreover, sleep disturbances can bring about harmful effects on an individual’s overall functioning and performance, thereby negatively influencing the quality of life. The implications of such health condition should not be overlooked, hence a critical review of related literature on insomnia. The term ‘insomnia’ has been used in various ways as indicated in the current medical literature. Commonly, insomnia is associated with an individual’s explanation of having difficulty to sleep. Furthermore, survey studies have described insomnia as a positive response to questions that focus on whether an individual experiences difficulties with regards to sleeping, falling and staying asleep. It has also been used as a term for describing disturbed sleep, hence its relatedness to sleep latency, awakenings at night, brief arousals, or long periods of wakefulness during the time of sleep. (Manber et al., 2008). Insomnia has been defined as a disorder as it has been proven to generate adverse consequences which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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