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Self Image - Research Paper Example

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It is influenced to a large extend by the feeling of being worth or no worthless as a result of experiences. It is a very important concept as it motivates decisions and choices in…
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Self Image
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Download file to see previous pages Low self image individuals on the other hand are not resilient and are less motivated when it comes with handling adversity. Esteem also influences achievement of goals and is thus a very important element of personal development. In this paper I will be looking at the effect of self esteem on individuals.
Research has shown that individuals with high self esteem to be more motivated, take great personal care and persist in their strive for fulfilment of aspirations and goals in life. In the school settings for instance, those students who perform well in their class work are associated with high self esteem. However, interestingly self high esteem is to a large extend an outcome of good performance. Good performers are high in self esteem; boosting self esteem may not boost performance and in fact could be counterproductive. The situation is the same also among adults especially in the work place. Job success for instance is associated with high self esteem; success actually boosts personal self esteem. Resilience and persistence when it comes to working for the attainment of personal goals follows high self esteem. It motivates individuals to ignore the environment and go right for their goals in academics, personal and corporate life. It thus is thus an important force that works to facilitate persistence even after the individuals have experienced failure (Baumeister & Campbell et al, 2003).
Individuals considered to have high esteem are also associated with attractiveness, being likable and ultimately having good interpersonal relationships. These individuals also tend to impress when it comes to relating with others. However, high self esteem persons in the end tend to alienate. Esteem therefore influences the nature and to some extends the duration of relationships. At school, in the workplace and even out there in the community persons with high self esteem have been found to have better impressions but in the end alienate others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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