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Chapter summary - Book Report/Review Example

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The chapter states that every now and then, mothers dispose of their old clothes especially T-shirts and they replace them with new…
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Chapter summary
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Extract of sample "Chapter summary"

Chapter Summaries Chapter 13 Chapter 13 of the book focuses on the act of disposing of clothes especially by the mothers living in the region of United States (Rivoli 215). The chapter states that every now and then, mothers dispose of their old clothes especially T-shirts and they replace them with new ones. The chapter states that the mothers have no idea why do they have so many clothes lying around in their wardrobe and the numbers of clothes they dispose of exceed the demand of such clothes within the poor of United States.
Chapter 14
Chapter 14 focuses on the subject of value levied on the clothes by those who purchase them first hand and by those who are poor and obtain these clothes after they have been used and disposed away by the first hand users (Rivoli 227). The chapter states that blue colored jeans, sports clothes such as college sports shirts and branded clothes are highly valued by both the first hand and second hand users.
Chapter 15
Chapter 15 focuses on Mitumba which is a term used to refer to bundles of clothes that are donated and disposed away by developed nations in developing nations (Rivoli 239). The practice of Mitumba is banned in African regions and at the same time almost 29 other regions have banned the import of used clothes. The chapter states that the practice of United States of disposing their clothes in African regions has created a lot of problems for the citizens of these regions.
Chapter 13 of the book was most interesting because I was quite troubled with the fact that homeless people in United States are increasing day by day. It was interesting to know that the homeless people can access good used clothes that may not be needed by their original owners. The act of disposing used clothes is actually quite helpful in serving the needs of the homeless.
Works Cited
Rivoli, Pietra. The Travels Of A T-Shirt In The Global Economy. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley, 2009. Print. Read More
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