Summarize the article "global consumerism , sexuality as public spectacle, and the cultural remapping of Istanbul in the 1990's" BY AYSE ONCU - Essay Example

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Cultural remapping of Istanbul gives providence in the discussion as the chapter informs readers on pertinent issues. Apart from the cultural remapping,…
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Summarize the article "global consumerism , sexuality as public spectacle, and the cultural remapping of Istanbul in the 1990's" BY AYSE ONCU
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Extract of sample "Summarize the article "global consumerism , sexuality as public spectacle, and the cultural remapping of Istanbul in the 1990's" BY AYSE ONCU"

Chapter Summary Chapter 8 of Ayse Oncu focuses on global consumerism as a modern discovery that has formulatedvarious explanatory narratives. Cultural remapping of Istanbul gives providence in the discussion as the chapter informs readers on pertinent issues. Apart from the cultural remapping, Oncu also highlights the importance of sexuality is answering different thorny issues revolving around the society. Arguably, the relationship between consumer capitalism and cultural integration also finds a way into the swift and explosive society. According to the article, sexuality is an important part of the society, which requires control; however, in the Istanbul society it was cut loose. As a result, a totalizing transformation under the global consumerism umbrella has made new discoveries.
Far from the devastating impact of sexuality on culture, the article also discusses the impacts of satirical magazines on the youths. According to Oncu, the graphic humor presented by satirical magazines has serious effects on the political and cultural life. The official censorship has introduced a new culture of audiovisual society constituting different media conglomerates. It is for this reason that the construction of a consolidated society within Istanbul has proven to be a major challenge. The distinctive developments have transformed the urban environment constituting to more problems rather than solutions. In essence, the intense localized settings have transformed the city youth’s behavior and culture in general. This has made town life a form of exploitation and not a beneficial program. Apparently, this is exhibited to the commercialization of sexuality leading to the multiple division of life within Istanbul. Despite being a narrative, it is worth attention from a sociological perspective. Read More
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