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Effect of School Uniform on Students Life - Essay Example

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Due to increased gang-related activities, relatively poor attendance performance and the need to keep schools safe and nondiscriminatory, there have been attempts to introduce policies to achieve these states without having to violate human rights and also not involve police all…
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Effect of School Uniform on Students Life
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Extract of sample "Effect of School Uniform on Students Life"

Download file to see previous pages This result was appreciated by the community at large with only 600-700 out of the 70,000 students in the district preferring to be exempted from wearing uniforms, which mean a whopping 99% of students preferred uniforms (Cohn and Cohn). This policy was adopted in other states with positive results being registered in all cases. This argument is supported by North Carolina Family Police Council Director Stephen Daniels publication on students’ dress codes in which he asserts ‘Dress codes reduce conflict associated with name brand and gang clothing, decrease the gap between poor and rich students, and encourage a sense of belonging that contributes to overall order and discipline. (Daniels). This also supports the proponents of the debate.
Opponents of the school dress code, on the other hand, claim it will infringe on the first amendment rights of students to freedom of expression, their religious rights and will contribute to dampening of student expression rights. Despite the displeasure of the opponents, many schools have already started making uniforms mandatory in Kentucky sharply contrasting to the majority of public schools showing reluctance to do the same (Daniels). While both sides of the divide continue to hold on to their position, it can be seen quite clearly from their arguments that their debate revolves around general morality and constitutionality. Proponents think this will help to improve the discipline among the students and increase morality in school while opponents hold onto their culture preservation and constitutional rights of expression.
Considering that constitutionality of school uniforms has been challenged in court and the decision was in favor of dress codes, it is evident that proponents are winning the debate. They seem to have support even from the few research results available as well as The Center for the Prevention of School Violence who pointed out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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