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Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms - Assignment Example

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This work “Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms?” will argue on the ground adopting school uniforms in our public school is beneficial when compared to the many issues raised against its implementation. The school uniform debate has dominated the education sector in recent years…
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Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms
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Extract of sample "Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms"

Download file to see previous pages The negative conducts that are related to students' dress that include absenteeism, teasing, school violence, and activities that are gang-related (The Ethical School, pg 23). On the other side, the opponent’s main argument is that uniforms deny students their individual rights including the right to choose their dressing. While many public schools today maintain strong policies on dress code, the weight of this subject matter begs the question as to whether students should be required to wear uniforms. In the United States, public schools have increasingly embraced the idea of school uniforms even as parents and other stakeholders in education device new ways to make school a safe place. Based on reports gathered from administrators of these schools, criminal tendencies planned and executed by the students reduced significantly upon the introduction of school uniforms. Given such statistic many regions across America have witnessed a clamor for uniforms in public schools; however, an equal number of people tend to believe that uniforms are of no benefit. 
To begin with, school uniforms eliminate the issue of students treating the school environment as a fashion showground and instead encourage them to focus on their school work. Families are not always the same; some are economically strong and can afford expensive clothing for their kids while others struggle even with their daily survival. According to Leon 2004, allowing students to wear as they please has the effects of subjecting the less privileged students to psychological torture now that they cannot afford the kind of clothes worn by their friends from families that are rich. Such is the case that, the less privileged student wills more than likely struggle to fit the lifestyle of others and end up frustrated.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms Assignment.
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Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms Assignment.
“Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms Assignment”.
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... because students who come from a moneyed family will end up buying the better and more expensive clothes. Thus making their middle to lower class counterparts feel inferior to them in terms of financial capacity. A school uniform eliminates this situation and makes students attend school on equal footing. In the long run, we have to remember that attending school is not about the uniform or civilian clothes that students wear to class. High school is all about higher studies and enhancing the personality of an individual through self discovery and expression. None of which have any relationship to the clothes that students wear to school. Therefore, it seems silly to debate whether high schools should mandate uniforms for their students...
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School uniforms provide an “equalizing” factor that few other aspects of school life provide. Every student is an individual, which oftentimes causes other individuals to bully or tease, or to prefer a certain student based on appearance. A child with expensive clothes may attract more friends, even if that child is not a very good friend. In a public school where all children wear uniforms, they all appear to be equal regardless of actual financial status. Students no longer need to stress or be embarrassed by what they wear to school each day, giving them the opportunity to concentrate on what matters—education. While kids might see restricting their choices in what to wear to school as a bad thing, in so many...
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... in enhancing student safety especially when victimization occurs when the students are wearing the uniforms at that time. Advocates of uniforms have also argued that the uniforms decrease fights and gang activities. This is, therefore, a literature review highlighting the various importances of school uniforms with regard to both teachers and students for that matter. Also included in this literature review are negative reviews of uniforms according to a number of scholars who have made their input on this research topic (Brunsma, & Rockquemore, 2003). Literature review I. Advantages of school uniforms on students According to a number of scholars, school uniforms have more advantages to students as compared to the disadvantages related...
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