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Research: Disney Princess effect on little girls - Essay Example

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As soon as parents realize that they will have a girl they try to persuade her that she is a little princess herself. Little girls are always dressed in pink dresses and want to possess as…
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Research: Disney Princess effect on little girls
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Extract of sample "Research: Disney Princess effect on little girls"

Download file to see previous pages They want to become the wives and mothers first of all ad that is why they need to stick to all the rules to find their Price Charming. However, it is necessary to understand that what girls consume today will form their life perception, behavior and communication style in adulthood tomorrow. They will develop with the image of womanhood created by their favorite heroines- Disney Belles, and Little Mermaid. The issue is that the princesses in Disney animation have the qualities that are really harmful to teach to young girls. They are often depicted as extremely sexual, submissive, waiting for someone to rescue them and to take responsibility for their lives.
In my research proposal, my soft argument is, given that most little girls love to dress up as princesses, it is difficult to imagine what might be wrong with that. However, studies shows that Disney movies have impact on both a girls behaviour and look. Therefore, I would like to add on these studies and do my own research on how Disney princess are effecting little girls. My hard argument is, the sexualization and stereotyping of the image of a women in Disney animation films results in little girls becoming little women too soon passing by valuable moments of childhood.
The research belongs to social studies because this paper aims to analyze how society is shaped. Children`s upbringing is the most important aspect for the society and analyzing it will allow to understand what mechanisms are the most important. So answering the question about the effect of Disney princesses on little girls will be possible to answer on some of these questions, what is the most important aspect in children`s upbringing? How entertainment media affects children? How little girls shape their concept of womanhood relying on the image of Disney princess? What are the possible ways of preventing reinforcement of stereotypization? What ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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