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The swift change in the development of media as well as its globalization has led to the need for Disney to accelerate its structural adjustment. Disney from its beginnings has been a leader in its sector of the film industry and it has, for a long time remained without any equal. …
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Disney Strategies
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"Disney Strategies"

While this has been the case, over the years, this company has come to be faced with many rivals which have given it plenty of competition in the film industry especially with the development of new technology. Despite this, while other companies continue to find a niche in the film industry, Disney has remained comfortable and even popular, and it has continued to rely on this popularity to maintain its position at the top of the film industry. This, however, should not be the case because of the fact that other companies are also on the rise through the use of innovation as well as the marketing strategies which are making them increasingly popular. Therefore, it has become necessary for Disney to work towards creating an environment where its employees feel at home and this is to ensure that there is a constant increase in the company’s creative output. The homey feeling which will be developed among its employees at the workplace will provide Disney with the added advantage over its rivals because it will be able to attract the best talent in the industry to work within its ranks. Disney should not allow itself to be influenced by the impersonal nature of the working environment that is developing in the film industry but should instead remain in an environment where its employees are provided with the best opportunity to work as well as to be innovative. Read More
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Disney Strategies Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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