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Disney: The Magic Continues - Essay Example

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The author of this paper believes that Walt Disney, himself, defined his organisation’s culture, structure and human resource practices when he expressed his desires for his theme parks to present a good family show in a clean environment with ’friendly employees’. …
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Disney: The Magic Continues
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"Disney: The Magic Continues"

Download file to see previous pages Disney’s organizational structure is spearheaded by a President and Chief Executive Officer. His management team comprises a Chairman of the Board of Directors who is flanked by eleven Board members. Corporate managers and Business Unit Managers add the final prong to the management ladder. (The Walt Disney Company: Corporate Information)
A remarkable human resource strategy adopted by Disney is the discussion of a 120-question survey distributed to employees to ascertain the quality of communication and overall happiness of the Disney tribe. On the completion of these surveys all staff misgivings are addressed and consequently all predicaments are settled.
Disney insists that all employees have valuable ideas which can be shared. Hence a newsletter is distributed throughout the company on a regular basis. In this way management and subordinates maintain an open communication system. The low hierarchical structure of this organization, therefore, is fairly fluid; there is no rigidity in their approach.
Although Disney asserts that there policy is one in which each Disney location is empowered to transmit not only the culture of Disney which is to make people happy but also to convey the specific culture of the particular country. Baldinelli 2001 insists that one of the major weaknesses was their inability to allow managers of the Disney Corporation outside of the United States to manage autonomously. Initially, Euro Disney did not prosper.
Researchers speculated that conflict between central management and local management was the major cause of the problem. (Baldinelli 2001)
For this reason the Euro Disney encountered a number of challenges. Baldinelli 2001 noted that the central management prefers to 'micromanage' the organizations that are external of the United States. Contrastingly, Johnny Waltz boasts that 'Each Disney location offers culture that coincides with the location, such as Disney Japan. Even though it is an exact replica of Disney California, the culture is based on the microscopic attention to detail that Japanese citizens are used to along with the World Bazaar that is similar to Main Street USA, but manipulated to appeal to the Japanese.'
Schein 1988 ascribes the development of an organization's culture as an aid to deal with the organization's environment. He also described culture as comprising three levels, namely, behavior and artifacts, values, assumptions and beliefs. Behavior and artifacts is the most obvious level. Further, Schein 1988 claims that at this level one can observe patterns of behavior and 'manifestations of culture' such as 'dress codes' and 'physical layout of work spaces.' In the case of Disney the most visible level of culture would entail dressing in costumes and not wearing any makeup during the entire work period. The concept of making people happy is projected in every physical phenomenon at the theme parks in particular.
Beyond behavior and artifacts is the concept of the values of the organization. Schein 1988 believes that values establish the behavior of the members of the organization. In the world of Disney the values of the employees are imputed to them from the first day of entry into the establishment. Employees are immediately oriented and indoctrinated with the values of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Disney: The Magic Continues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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