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The paper presents that aim of argumentative writing is to convince the reader and influence them to support your ideas. However, an argumentative writing that annoys or offends the conscience, personality, and identity of a specific reader is ineffective and discourages reading…
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The Aim of Argumentative Writing
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According to the essay findings, it can, therefore, be said that argumentative writing with no coherence demeans reading since readers cannot follow any organized logical flow of ideas. Such writings have disintegrated parts that the reader finds hard to connect to derive any meaning or understanding of the reading. It is evidently clear from the discussion that lack of a complete and sensible story discourages readers from engaging with argumentative writing. Argumentative essays should be clear, complete, and relevant to the main point. For instance, an argumentative writing that fails to address both sides of an argument is incomplete, biased, and insufficient to the reader’s needs. All argumentative essays should be factual and grammatically correct to appease the reader and convince them to support the ideas presented in the text. The author of the paper "The Aim of Argumentative Writing " states that argumentative writing that presents incorrect information or uses an informal language discourages reading. Ideally, convincing texts must depict originality, creativity, and simplicity in presenting the central idea. Complex and unoriginal texts also discourage reading. For instance, argumentative writing that only presents what the reader knows is not convincing. Read More
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