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Guidance for creating an - Essay Example

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In the paper “Guidance for creating an essay” the author gives recommendations for writing essay of good quality. He states that before submitting any academic report or essay, it is imperative for one to revise the work. This enhances the final paper’s credibility and readability. …
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Guidance for creating an essay
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"Guidance for creating an"

Download file to see previous pages I therefore had to ensure that the main point of the essay was clear, and the ideas conveyed were coherently interwoven. I later evaluated the lower order concerns (LOCs), that is, proofreading and editing to ensure that the paper had no grammar or spelling mistakes (Rienecker, Jorgensen, & Skov, 2013). The biggest challenge entailed examining the paper from the perspective of a reader, as opposed to a writer, while determining whether its content would resonate with my audience. In regard to formatting, I had to acquire an online manual with APA referencing style guidelines. The guide was rather clear on aspects like the format of an APA title page, in-text citations (author, date) and even the reference page that contains a list of sources used to develop the essay. The one thing I found challenging in research work is integrating different authors’ ideas to present an orderly, logical and consistent argument. Nonetheless, the research process and consequent writing of an argumentative essay was insightful and educative. I not only learnt about an appropriate format for writing organized academic essays, but also about how to use APA referencing guidelines, especially in recognition of other authors’ work. Overall, the essay writing process was highly enlightening. I had to first address higher order concerns (HOCs), which comprise of the paper’s thesis, purpose of the essay, organization and idea development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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