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Writing Prompt No. 4 - Admission/Application Essay Example

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However, understanding these opposing tensions can build, sustain or harm relationships. There are four primary relational dialectics, which include connection and separation,…
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Writing Prompt No. 4
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Writing Prompt No.4 Relational Dialectics Relational lives are always to contradictory pressures that emanate from diverse causes. However, understanding these opposing tensions can build, sustain or harm relationships. There are four primary relational dialectics, which include connection and separation, predictability and novelty and finally openness and closeness (Ellescene 1). Relational dialectics incorporate contradiction, totality, process, and praxis as the main concepts. My relationship with Angie is based on separation and connection as a relational dialectic type in the praxis. The relationship involves experiences of alternating connections prompted by mutual respect and separation that mostly emanates during fights.
Connection Separation and the Concept of Praxis
Attachment and separation as a relational dialectic aspect aim at joining and reconciling people to maintain a sense of individuality (Ellescene 1). In my relationship with Angie, this relational dialectic has often affected us in various instances. This set of tension has affected us during our University lives through arguments that end up in fights and lead to separation. Connection, however, develops when each one of us, while isolated from another, tends to gain the purpose of self-individuality.
Although we experience subsequent connections and separations, our frequency in the active creation and re-created fights through intense interaction and participation of arguments against one another generates the concept of praxis within our relationship. In addition, the concept of praxis and practical experience within our relationship exposes us to the need and value of having one another always in the relationship. My relationship with Angie is an ideal example of separation and connection form of a relational dialect.

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