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The socialisation element of the classroom setting results in the individuals possessing unequal power relations. These relations can be developed…
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Writing Prompt 2
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Task Unequal power relations Unequal power relations within a room are defined by the existence of discrepancies within the social aspects of individuals. The socialisation element of the classroom setting results in the individuals possessing unequal power relations. These relations can be developed from voluntary association, isolated or familial association among the students. The circumstances surrounding the occurrence of the relations become essential in the determination of the occurrence of the relation. The common features and interests of the individuals are the components which define the occurrence of unequal power relations based on the association.
In seeking to resist the inequality, the individuals could adopt different ways of associating with others. The utilisation of non-hierarchical form of administration within the classroom setting could enable the students resist inequality. Communal forms of providing instructions within the classroom remains an effective methods which can be utilised to mitigate the effect of this inequality among the members (Warren and Fassett, 70). These approaches will enable the students to shape their personalities in a manner which makes them fit into the social system of the classroom, without the existence of any notable discrepancies.
These inequalities commonly exist without the knowledge or understanding of the affected individuals. Mentorship programmes within the classroom setting are essential in enabling peer education to be conducted within the class, regarding the existing inequalities. This will be essential in mitigating the effects of the existing differences in commitment and values to the structure of the institutions and other aspects of the social life (Warren and Fassett, 122). Other than the education on the existing discrepancies, the development of a new socialisation approach will eliminate the existing inequalities.
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Warren, John T., and Deanna L. Fassett. Communication: A Critical/Cultural Introduction. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2011. Print.
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