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The concept is of interest to parents, school staff, as well as policy makers. Notably, the United States of America have registered a high number of students because of the growing population. The…
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Argumentative paper
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Download file to see previous pages Notably, the year-round school plan ensures that students do not have the three-month summer break, but are in school throughout the year. Although the year-round school seems to be highly favorable, it has certain disadvantages that need proper consideration as will be highlighted in this paper.
The year-round calendar adopted by some school districts presents certain challenges, especially when it comes to the storage space needed for both students and teachers. Notably, many multitrack year-round calendars do not follow the usual single class operating in a specified classroom. The system allows many students to enroll in different programs throughout the school year. Therefore, school districts adopting the plan have budget wisely in an effort to ensure that there is sufficient storage space for both students and teachers. Unless this happens, the multitrack year-round calendars will strain school facilities contrary to its objective of ensuring proper utilization of the facilities throughout the year (Chittom and Klassen 1).
The year-round calendars adopted in some districts introduce additional demands on the school subordinate staff cafeteria systems as well as the maintenance services. Usually, all these services are continuously needed throughout the year. Compared to other plans that allow students to have a three-month summer break, support staffs working in different schools face the compulsion of constantly providing services to the schools. Therefore, many support staffs do not find the systems favorable because the year-round calendar strains them (Long).
The year-round calendars pose challenges for teachers who pursue further education during the summer break. Notably, teachers need to advance their education in an effort to become more qualified for their job responsibilities. Usually, the three-month summer break gives teachers sufficient time to study each year. With the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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