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FNES, family, love, dating - Essay Example

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One of the individuals in an unhealthy relationship always fools themselves and their partner to believe that they are their givers and protectors. The condition of such a…
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FNES, family, love, dating
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Download file to see previous pages In these relationships, one is either the victim or a parasite, what is interesting is that these roles change periodically in the occurrence of an emotionally charged situation, for instance, a bitter argument. This is always accompanied by loud and angry outbursts from the repressed individual. The levels of aggression after an outburst can vary from either party, one of them can get sicker than the other partner. They can both trade insults, and such types of abuse can occur in different ways, abuse can either be indiscernible or blatant.
It might also be subconscious or unintentional, whatever the method, the damage can be grave to the recipient. These types of abuse can be difficult to explain, and this makes it hard for friends and family to intervene and offer help. Gaining comfort, supporting one another and keeping each other happy are the basics of a relationship whether healthy or unhealthy. The main difference between the two types of relationships is that the couple in a healthy relationship work equally. A healthy relationship consists of checks and balances, individuality, equality and compromise. In an abusive relationship, one partner takes the advantage of these goals and uses them against their counterpart to manipulate them into doing whatever they wish. Unhealthy relationships have no compromise, no individuality and have forced inequality. Abusers often use excuses that do not come across as demanding making it hard for the partner to know what they want. This is one tactic of taking advantage of someone and in such a relationship; one partner may try to please the other to make their relationship stable. With a majority of abusive relationships being identified among the young people, they develop into young adults, who are more likely to continue the violence in their relationships.
The important thing about understanding the types of relationships is that each and every one of us is bound to enter into a ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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