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Written on the Body - Essay Example

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The author has used an individual who has no name, no age, and no gender to tell a love story that is likely to please many people. In as much as there is nothing tangible…
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Written on the Body
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Download file to see previous pages This paper shall seek to explain the narrator’s journey of emotional development from the start of the story to end. It will also analyze in great depth the shifts of the narrator’s emotions and what prompts the emotional changes.
At the beginning of the story, the narrator is portrayed to have had a string of relationships with several men and women. Bathsheba, one of the married women the narrator had a relationship with used the narrator and left him or her heartbroken. This made the narrator believe that exhilarating love affairs do not worth the pain they cause. Winterson writes, “Why is the measure of love loss?” (Winterson 9). By making this statement, the author emphasized on the fact that the narrator had bad experiences from his or her several relationships. These unhealthy relationships prompted the narrator to settle down with Jacqueline, a woman who does not cause jealousy or excitement to the narrator. This is because he or she believes that love characterized by familiarity, and not sexual tension is the best. He or she says, “There are people saying that sex is not important. That getting along and friendship are what coast one through the years” (Winterson 20). In this regard, the narrator believed that he or she could stand staying with Jacqueline despite the fact that she did not give him or her excitement that the previous relationships gave.
After settling for this dull love, the narrator finally meets Louise, the woman of his dreams. Louise is a beautiful, flame-haired, married Australian woman. The narrator fights the feelings for Louise that prompts thoughts of another relationship. The narrator is wary of falling in love with another person who will hurt him or her in the end. However, he loses the battle and falls in love with Louise to the extent that or she has to make a choice between Louise and Jacqueline. The narrator spends quality time with Louise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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