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About globalization - Essay Example

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The concept of globalization has been a new and contemporary one in the world. In essence, the concept refers to enhanced interaction and creation of relationship between people who are close and even far away from…
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Essay about globalization
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Download file to see previous pages Where there is a wide range of positive effects of globalization, a variety of negative effects also exist, particularly on the local culture. Globalization has negative effects on culture in many aspects, but the greatly affected ones are food, traditions, and social values.
According to The Levin Institute report (n.d), globalization has encouraged production and distribution of goods and services to people generating an access to products that were otherwise difficult to get. However, such transition has affected the viability of locally made products as well as those who manufacture them. The exposure to foreign cultural goods frequently brings about changes in local culture, values and traditions of Qatar.
People of Qatar are greatly persuaded by the expansion of trade in cultural products as they are exposed to foreign cultures. In other words, gradually, foreign culture is percolating into the traditional culture of Qatar which has changed the local culture, values and traditions as a result people are undermining their own cultural identity. Due to globalization, a transition is observed in celebration of local festivals- Eid, Ramadan, Art festival where local artists display their talents.
People of Qatar are greatly influenced by foreign culture and introduced celebration of some festivals such as mother’s day in a grand manner which was actually not the part of Qatar tradition. Thus, a drift is observed in local tradition and festivals as these are considered to be old fashioned, in fact, inclination and adaptation to foreign culture is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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