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Ch 8 - Essay Example

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Globilization, which has been aided by acceleration pace of technological advancement, has led to continuous political, economic and social integration in many states globally. Globilization has led to more political integration than economic integration in the contemporary…
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Ch 8
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Extract of sample "Ch 8"

Spatial Interaction Lecturer: Spatial Interaction Q Globilization, which has been aided by acceleration pace of technological advancement, has led to continuous political, economic and social integration in many states globally. Globilization has led to more political integration than economic integration in the contemporary society; thus it has shaped the international politics. Globalization is not just an economic phenomenon but also a political phenomenon because it has created varied changes in the era of global politics. Many sovereign states have become politically stable because of political influences and foreign policy existing in a given state. The United States policymakers face varied challenges of recognizing that the fundamental change in global politics and utilizing the supreme military power of America to fashion an international environment conducive to its interests. Moreover, globalization has contributed to varied changes not only to my lifestyle but also to my urban area. It has contributed to social conflicting issues especially through social media such as increased cyber bullying, cyber crimes and increased health related issues due to too much use of social media. It has also created effects on efficiency, production and competitiveness in production of commodities, as well as, increased unemployment levels with associated social impacts in urban areas.
Q. 2
There are significant considerations taken when making decisions to migrate and this includes the need for employment opportunities, search for better working conditions, political considerations including a stable political climate and economic considerations. These aspects might differentially impact many people in different ways. First, an unemployed young Mexican will be impacted by these decisions in a manner that migrating to another new working environment may contribute to communication problems because of language barriers. Although many young people prefer migrating to new places in search for new pastures, many of them face varied issues due to spatial interaction problems. Secondly, a retired Midwestern farm couple will also be impacted because of locational attributes and other aspects. For instance, incomes of retirees vary from one location to another; thus the migration decisions coupled by job market conditions will impact them. Lastly, an unemployed heavy equipment operator might find it difficult to operate new equipment machine in anew working environment because of changes in technology. Sometimes, working rules differs from one working environment another and this might be a hindrance to effective work performance.
Q. 3
Migration is an agent of diffusion because trans-cultural, economic and political diffusion across cultures results through migration from one place to another. Diffusion across cultures is a well-attested and uncontroversial aspect for new changes across many states; new cultural practices and evolution of new political ideas are a result of diffusion resulting from migration. For instance, agricultural practices are believed to have extensively diffused from some parts of the Middle East for the past decades and other aspects such as iron smelting, as well as, western culture in the 20th century all resulted because of trans-cultural diffusion (Al-Rodhan, 2006). This inter-cultural diffusion results in many ways and migrating population transfers new cultural, political and economic ideas. These ideas are carried by immigrates such as explorers, merchants, slaves, diplomats and many others; hence disseminate across states.
In some of the places that I have visited for the past two weeks, I can conclude that the distance-decay and critical-decay rules were operative. First, the distance decay affected my spatial interactions because the interaction among different locales continued to decline as the distance among them continued to increase. With the advent of faster travel, the distance-decay and critical-decay rules operative changes as one moves from one area to the new area. Some social variables such as cultural variables and socio-economic variables are among the aspects that affect an individual’s critical distance. The social scientists have turned their attention towards the increasing range of cultural and social variables that affect the critical distance of an individual. These variables including race or ethnicity, sex roles, acculturation, social networks, immigration and among other sociocultural variables impact the movement of an individual.
Al-Rodhan, N. R. F. (2006). Policy Briefs On The Transcultural Aspects Of Security And
Stability. Zürich: Lit.. Retrieved on 10 October, 2013 from,+economic+and+political+diffusion&source=bl&ots=o3pBRrU2yG&sig=RzHQ7e-1U6fk_YGTuUsgYrltSrg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=5W5WUtNbxfXhBImVgKgL&ved=0CFwQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=trans-cultural%2C%20economic%20and%20political%20diffusion&f=false Read More
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