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Landscape Architecture Semester Project - Term Paper Example

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Minneapolis Park System 1883-1944: Retrospective Glimpses Into The History Of The Board Of Park Commissioners Of Minneapolis, Minnesota And The Citys Park, Parkway, And Playground System,1945. Print.
The Embarcadero Boulevard (Blvd) project was a product of…
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Landscape Architecture Semester Project
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Download file to see previous pages The fact that after the great earthquake, experienced and advanced land design firms were required in coming up with a unique Embarcadero Boulevard project, I put a lot of trust in Embarcadero Boulevard as my precedent project. The Embarcadero Boulevard project has unique components that can guide me in including more ideas into my proposed project. One of the components is its unique functions. It promotes a working waterfront; a diversity of activities such as bars and restaurants; access along and to the waterfront; and also promotes a revitalized port in the ferry terminal. In addition, Embarcadero Boulevard has promoted local and international tourism by acting as a tourism destination. The other component is its spatial features. The Embarcadero Boulevard is developed to be a multi-use structure connecting south waterfront with the northeast waterfront of San Francisco. It has a number of anchor points. The first one is the south beach which provide neighborhood for housing, baseball field and among others. The second one is Rincon hill which provide public art features along the waterfront. The next one is the ferry building that promotes market activities. The other one is the gap headquarters which provide a strong San Francisco home identity for international retail business. The last one is the historic piers for retail and office purposes. This contributes a lot in my idea of spatial requirements when undertaking my project. In addition, I should choose an appropriate space that allows people to interact with my structure that is being proposed.
The waterfront is located on the southern part of New York City. It covers approximately 320 acres of land that touches the Lake Ontario. The site has for sometimes being bare and being misused as a dumping site for solid materials. However, the geographical location of the site is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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