Evalution of the Down with Facebook Work by Anthony Tapia - Essay Example

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The paper contains the essay evaluation of Tapia's work which is generally a good read that would be justified to get a B grade. With a catchy introduction that forces the reader to read on and on, Tapia manages to bring out what he intends to discuss in the essay.   …
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Evalution of the Down with Facebook Work by Anthony Tapia
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Extract of sample "Evalution of the Down with Facebook Work by Anthony Tapia"

Essay evaluation Tapia’s work is generally a good read that would be justified to get a B grade. With a catchy introduction that forces the reader to read on and on, Tapia manages to bring out what he intends to discuss in the essay. The paragraphs are well organized through the huge spacing after each paragraph may be unnecessary. The paragraphs by the author begin with a thesis statement that allows the reader to comprehend what the author intended to bring out in the text. The grammar in the work is also commendable; no spelling mistakes have been found in the work as well. The ideas are also portrayed with a lot of clarity and with the right diction. The details are presented in a way that all persons can comprehend.
However, the work can be questioned on its originality. A lot of direct quotes have been indicated in the work and with no in-text citations. Actually, the author quotes different articles in a different sites leaving the reader to question which article in that site. At the end of the work, one cannot tell the author of the articles that were used in the essay. One can get mixed up when reading when the author uses examples that are not comprehensive like when he says that Ryan was killed (Tapia 4). I would be better if the author gave more details on the events that ensued before the victim was killed. The conclusion would also have been made more inclusive and stronger. A lot also needs to be done on the Work Cited page in terms of paragraphing, indenting and including the authors’ names.
Work Cited
Tapia, Anthony. Down with Facebook. 24 Mar. 2015. [Pdf file]. 28 Mar. 2015. Read More
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