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Anthony Atala: Printing a Human Kidney - Essay Example

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The paper "Anthony Atala: Printing a Human Kidney" tells about the Anthony's Atala speech which addresses the use of 3D printing technology in printing a human kidney and other body organs. It is evident from the speech that Anthony is gifted in the medical field…
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Anthony Atala: Printing a Human Kidney
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Extract of sample "Anthony Atala: Printing a Human Kidney"

Download file to see previous pages In his speech, ethos is used by Anthony in the sense that he is vastly knowledgeable on the subject of organ printing. This is extrinsic ethos which readily ensures that the audience does not doubt the credibility of his knowledge on the subject. From his explanation after the first forty seconds of the speech on the current use regenerative medicine, it is evident that he has first-hand experience with the subject. I quote, “It really involves many different areas. You can use, actually, scaffolds, biomaterials -- they're like the piece of your blouse or your shirt -- but specific materials you can actually implant in patients and they will do well and help you regenerate. Or we can use cells alone, either your very own cells or different stem cell populations. Or we can use both. We can use, actually, biomaterials and the cells together. And that's where the field is today.” He furthers his ethos by delving into history and talking about the origin of regenerative medicine which was coined by the author Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize winner in his book, The Culture of Organs. He is also keen to note the drawbacks that regenerative medicine has faced such as; the design of materials that could be incorporated into the body and function well over time, but they can now do it readily. There was also a challenge was inability to grow cells outside the human body albeit the challenge has been solved over the last 20 years. The final drawback was vascularity which is actual blood flow into the organs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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