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Circumstantial Evidence Within The Casey Anthony Trial - Research Paper Example

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Casey Anthony Trial is one of the cases where Circumstantial Evidence featured prominently, owing to the fact that the crime was committed under circumstances where no witness would be available, since it was well choreographed way before it occurred (Paradis, 2011)…
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Circumstantial Evidence Within The Casey Anthony Trial
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Download file to see previous pages did not merit proving the case of intended murder of Caylee beyond reasonable doubt, it is evident that the prosecutors had adduced evidence that had sufficiently served the principle of ‘reasonable doubt’ as a requirement of the law (Sarokin, 2011).
Circumstantial Evidence is the important piece of evidence in criminal cases prosecution, owing to the fact that only a small percentage of crimes would be executed out of existing direct evidence. If all cases were to depend on direct evidence where a witness was present when the accused committed a crime, only a meager criminal file cases would even pass for trial (Fanning, 2009). After all, what would hinder the defendant denying being involved even when the witness still witnessed the crime being committed? In this respect, Circumstantial Evidence is vital for criminal trial, since it provides for the relevant pathway through which reasoning can be applied, so at to reach to a conclusion regarding how the crime was committed. The Casey Anthony Trial appears to have deduced sufficient circumstantial evidence, only that it was not executed properly.
First, false testimony that Casey gave to the law enforcement officers when they set on investigating the case is sufficient to indicate that the defendant was determined to obstruct the course of justice (Ashton & Pulitzer, 2012). Despite the fact that reasonable doubt as a basis of determining the guilty or not guilty verdict for the accused is a necessity, nothing could be more indicative of the fact that the defendant must have known something about the death of Caylee than the false statements. Therefore, Casey was lying so that she could obstruct the law enforcement officers from being able to conduct a fruitful investigation. Casey had lied to her mother that Caylee was either with a nanny, in the beach, in the house and a host of other places for the whole time that her grandmother was asking for whereabouts (Russell & Cohn, 2013). Additionally, Casey lied ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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