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Sport clothing - Essay Example

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An increase in the importance of sports is the contributing factor towards the increased innovativeness in the sporting field. Technology plays a key role in decision-making that helps in changing…
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Sport clothing
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Sport Clothing Introduction There has been a growth in the magnitude and significance of sport in the past. An increase in the importance of sports is the contributing factor towards the increased innovativeness in the sporting field. Technology plays a key role in decision-making that helps in changing the entire course of a sporting event. It supports sporting officials in making the right and prompt decisions that improve the condition of the sporting exercise.
Main body
The University of Ulster (2015, p. 1) defines sporting technologies as the manmade means established to meet human goals regarding a particular game. According to Nóvoa & DrăGoicea, (2015, p. 207), sport technology represents a specific type of means to recognize human interests and aims in sport. Sport technology can also refer to the ways in which athletes tend to improve their training in a competitive environment for them to enhance their overall performance. Use of technology in sports involves application of knowledge in using specialized equipment and tools and making use of the available improved technologies to perform tasks more effectively and efficiently. Sporting technologies available include, tennis rackets, pole-vault poles, golf clubs, motion capture, advanced computer stimulations and athletic sports gear such as clothing and footwear.
Use of technology in sports is viewable in many perspectives. For instance, technology use exists in the assessment of athletes through biometric sensors, laser-based speed timing and a number of medical technologies. Sports teams and athletes have benefited from the use of technology through better film breakdowns for study, competitive scouting efforts, and statistical reporting. Technology assists in sports competition through instant replays and sensors that help sporting officials decide on whether a ball crosses a line into a goal. This happens in hockey punks and in soccer balls. Fans also benefit in technology through improvements in camera techniques and video display technology (Cremades & Tashman, 2014, p.183).
Technology and athletes performance
To enhance the athlete’s performance, sports gear such as the clothing and footwear should be friendly and should be of valuable quality in terms of strength thickness, flexibility, durability and resistance to moisture. Footwear is more of a comfort and injury protection wear than a performance enhancing wear in sports. On the contrary, clothing like full body suits streamlines the athletes performance period in a competitive race. Composite tennis racket relates to sporting equipment designed to increase ball speed and minimize the chances of vibration. The inherent vibrations are the primary cause of condition called tennis elbow. Tennis elbow relates to the damage of blood veins in muscles and ligaments that enclose the elbow joint. Nowadays there have remained improvements even in bicycles through the development of specialized wheels brake levers pneumatic tyres and pedals that enhance balance and rigidity of the bike.
Sporting field has become of much significance in the world today. This has resulted in the advancement of technologies that enhance the performance of athletes in sports. The technology is of many benefits to sporting officials as they help them make an accurate decision and at the right time. In addition, fans also benefit from technology through better viewing of the competition on their screens and the ability to record a match.
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Sport Clothing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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