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A Specific Sport in Primary and Secondary School Curriculum in England - Research Paper Example

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The paper "A Specific Sport in Primary and Secondary School Curriculum in England" discusses that the UK sports governing body have to allocate more time to tennis because there are lots of improvements required. The government should initiate action to improve the quality of tennis playing students…
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A Specific Sport in Primary and Secondary School Curriculum in England
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Extract of sample "A Specific Sport in Primary and Secondary School Curriculum in England"

Download file to see previous pages Every nation comes closer with sporting events. It is good for making the relationship among different countries. It is a sort of duty for every educational institute like that of school, college and university to build infrastructure in their institute to encourage the students towards sports because from it students can be benefitted as it helps to cope up with the stress. It also builds their leadership skill as well as sportsman spirit. Students are the future of every nation and sport can make them an efficient and effective person. Nowadays, every nation longs for certain energetic, dynamic and hardworking people. Only sport can bring up such kind of people. So every nation starts to build the infrastructure in the school level for sports and England is not an exception either in this regard.
Sport is essentially an institutional activity. Most of the sports are discovered in England. England is the birthplace of the modern sport as well as that of the sport management (Nicholas College, n.d).
The authority of British sports dominated all across the world in the 19th and the 20th century. Cricket is a popular game which was first discovered in England. The restoration of Olympic Games by Baron Pierre de Coubertin was heavily inspired by the amateur culture of English Public School. The starting point of American Football is through English deviation of game, with the first set of the intercollegiate football norms based directly on the norms of Football Association in London. The conventional team sport started from Europe, mainly in England. The mass production and industrial revolution brought increased spare time which permitted an increase in the spectators’ sports, lower exclusivity in sports, as well as greater accessibility. With the advent of global communication and mass media, professionalism became customary in English sports.
The Durham University is one of the leading universities where the research and development of the sport are conducted. It is internationally recognized for research about key issues of sport which relate with modern society.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(A Specific Sport in Primary and Secondary School Curriculum in England Research Paper)
A Specific Sport in Primary and Secondary School Curriculum in England Research Paper.
“A Specific Sport in Primary and Secondary School Curriculum in England Research Paper”.
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