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Comparison Of England And Saudi Arabia Education System - Case Study Example

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The Educational system in each country may have its own comparisons and contrasts. The paper "Comparison Of England And Saudi Arabia Education System" education in England and Saudi Arabia as the forefront instrument to connect countries and curtail indifference…
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Comparison Of England And Saudi Arabia Education System
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Download file to see previous pages In Saudi Arabia, the educational system is structured with the same strict control by the government as it is strict in England, or maybe perhaps stricter.
'Government control of schoolbooks to guarantee they are consistent with Islam and devoid of anything conflicting with its principles. The Saudi government maintains control of every aspect of educational material:[15] "The government shall be concerned with the control of all books coming into the Kingdom from abroad or going out of the Kingdom to the outside world. No books shall be allowed for use unless they are consistent with Islam, the intellectual trends and educational aims of the Kingdom..."[16]
The government policy also states: "All books should fulfill the aims of education and be devoid of anything conflicting with Islam."[17]Students also learn "how to face misleading rumors, destructive doctrines, and alien thoughts,"[18]The Saudi education authorities insist "the school textbooks should be in line with Islamic requirements."[19]'. (Stalinsky, 2002).
Additionally, the British Council affirmed and posted 'After five years of secondary education, students take examinations in a range of subjects at the level of General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).
The GCSE is a single-subject examination set and marked by independent examination boards. Students usually take up to ten (there is no upper or lower limit) GCSE examinations in different subjects, including mathematics and English language. After taking GCSEs, students may leave secondary schooling; alternatively, they may choose to continue their education at vocational or technical colleges, or they may take
a higher level of secondary school examinations known as AS-Levels after an additional year of study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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