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The notion that one picture can be worth more than 1,000 words is a clear proof that they can be used to communicate important messages to the audience. At times, one can opt to use pictures, but not written words, to express their feelings, opinion and ideas. In this paper, a…
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Download file to see previous pages ?t want to go to college; I want to grow shit.’ These pictures are linked to the theme of self esteem which they depict in each of these individuals.
Self esteem can be described as how one feels about themselves. Possessing little Regard for one can affect ones general life and even how they view the world (Mc Kay 53). Low self esteem can lead to depression and as a result fall short of their potential (Clarke 60). The belief people have about themselves often appeared to be statements of facts though they are actually only opinions (Schiraldi, 2007). Decision making also depends majorly on how much we value our self since it affects our thinking also becomes biased. Childhood and adolescent stages are always the most affected stages in individual’s life (Clarke 55).
The rules of living enable one to function in the world as long as you go by them (Clarke 68). For instance, if you believe you are stupid, your rule of living will automatically be, better not” try”. Since failure is the only possible outcome and the other peers will make you a laughing stock. Therefore, because people live in a diversified society with lots of people, new things and challenges to meet, everyone has to set their own standards. Once this is done, one is able to measure their potential and strive to achieve the goals that bring self-fulfillment to them. The feeling of accomplishing one’s goals can make one to have self-esteem. Otherwise, one would be despaired.
In the second picture, the adolescent had bump in right in the face, at a point that he had no way of stopping anyone from noticing it. Since not everyone gets to have this, it tended to draw unnecessary attention towards him giving him a feeling of discomfort. Consequently, his self esteem went down thus ruining his 7th and even 8th grade, creating long time of loneliness and mind destabilization (Fennell 91). The swelling made criticize himself, due to fear of judgment he might have avoided activities that involve ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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