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Ideally one should choose a career that fits one’s skills and abilities. However this is more easily said than done. Other factors like what kind of…
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Lideship 3
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Choosing a career is not an easy task for most of us and guidelines that help to choose the right one are always very welcome. Ideally one should choose a career that fits one’s skills and abilities. However this is more easily said than done. Other factors like what kind of focus one has as also what the educational and training demands the career requires are equally important. Another aspect of choosing right is what kind of opportunities exist for the particular career one has in mind. Hence one must choose carefully and wisely in order to find the satisfaction and rewards that one seeks.
It is important to choose a career that fits one’s aptitudes, skills, personality and motivational focus. Says Heidi Grant Halvorson, “More than a decade of research shows that when people experience a fit between their own motivation and the way they work, they are not only more effective, but they also find their work more interesting and engaging, and value it more.” (Halvorson, 2013) Motivational focus is the sum of the strengths and weaknesses that each one’s personality is made up of. In addition to motivational focus, one needs to probe the opportunities that exist for the career one chooses as well as the educational and training needs involved. Having researched these things thoroughly, I have come to the conclusion that the career that I would like and one that fits me best would be that of a police officer.
It is so easy to say choose something that you like. However this is more easily said than done. It is important to investigate every aspect of the career and juxtapose it with what one’s own needs and abilities are. To choose the right career one needs to invest some time on self-assessment. It is necessary to introspect on one’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the skills one possesses and what one really expects out of the career. I have done a thorough self-analysis with the help of various tools to find where my focus lies. I am also willing to invest in further training.
In this context experts agree that people can be broadly divided into two categories. Although all of us have both the promotion as well as the prevention focus in some degree, while choosing a career one needs to find out which one is the more dominant one to enable one to make the right choice. Each of these focuses have distinct strengths and weaknesses, hence the exercise of finding out which category one belongs to enables one to gauge the kind of career that would suit him/her best. The promotion focused person sees goals as opportunities for improvement, accomplishment and rewards; in other words a risk taker. These are creative, out of the box thinkers who work quickly and grab opportunities for enhancement. The prevention focused person on the other hand will not take too many risks will want things to run on an even keel, someone people can depend upon and one who will always fulfill responsibilities. Prevention focused individuals are diligent, thorough and careful planners. I have come to the conclusion that I am the diligent careful planner and will take only calculated risks.
I have always wanted to be a police officer ever since as a child, my family woke up one morning to find my dad’s lawn service truck with all his tools and equipment stolen. It was then that I made up my mind that I would become a police officer and never allow law abiding citizens to suffer. The Florida statutes require those applying for this position to be physically fit American citizens not less than nineteen years of age with a good moral character and having at least a high school diploma. I know that I will have to complete a Basic Abilities Test (BAT) and before I can become an officer I shall be required to undergo a further training program. I shall also have to pass a State Officer Certification Examination. (SOCE) I am prepared to undergo the necessary training and take the examination. I am confident that I can be a proactive police officer who will ensure the safety and security of citizens. I would strive to cooperate with communities to identify and resolve problems. I sincerely believe that crime can be reduced if factors that contribute to it can be identified and addressed. Maintaining safe communities and fighting crime is what I’ve always wanted to do. I have both the passion and the ability to make a career as a police officer and I am certain that I shall find both satisfaction as well as a sense of achievement and reward in this field.
Halvorson, Heidi Grant. April 8, 2013.
The Key to Choosing the Right Career
Harvard Business Review
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