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Determine Career Options - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Choosing career Options We all go to college so that what we study will land us into favorable careers in future. College involves getting education, considering careers and choosing a Major. Regardless of the timing of choosing a career, it is important for all students to have chosen careers before they venture into the outside world for employment opportunities…
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Determine Career Options
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Extract of sample "Determine Career Options"

Download file to see previous pages From the results, the most favorable career choice for me is that of a medical technologist. This course not only enables me to be practical and independent in my studies, but it also enables me to apply flexibility and team work in my career. Apart from this, it enables me to work with different people thereby improving my knowledge. This paper analyses how my personality, as determined by MBTI and SII results, and my best career option, medical technologist go in tandem and how this will enable me realize success in future. My MBTI and SII results of self assessment reveal that I prefer having a balance of working in an independent manner and working with other people, depending on the prevailing circumstances. The score also suggests that I enjoy spending most of my day researching, and then later switch to interactive exercises like taking part in group discussions. The results further suggest that I have a preference of learning through experience instead of theorizing activities. The scores further indicate that I am flexible in the methods of farming in that I prefer to conduct learning in a laboratory setting, work study programs and internships instead of relying on the ancient classroom learning process. The MBTI results also indicate that I have a preference for leading other students in a variety of means. This includes leading student organizations or in other cases taking charge of class discussions or even being a contributing member in such scenarios. My score also suggests that I love exploring new adventures and experiences and being spontaneous in my dealings. It has also highlighted that I do enjoy academic courses and outdoor activities that trigger self reliance and risk taking. From the score, it is also evident that I love solving problems on my own and I love doing my accomplishments in an independent manner. The score also indicates that I may enjoy taking independent studies, online studies and various forms of independent field work. The career that interests me the most and suits my personality lies in the field of medicine as a medical technologist. The field of medical technology is a wide field which requires extensive practical sessions since it is responsible for coming up with disease diagnosis and care. It includes the radiology department where all forms of imaging are done so that doctors are able to come up with diagnoses of various ailments. Imaging includes X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans and ultra-sound. These require sophisticated items which entail a lot of practical sessions so as to come up with the best results. Another characteristic of this career is that it requires extensive experiments since it is a practical subject. Experts in medical technology are expected to continually practice because it is very easy to make an error during the treatment process ((Terence 67). Medical technology also entails various software and hardware procedures that are conducted in a hospital setting so that records about patients are up to date. It also ensures that databases of health facilities are kept potent so that circulation of items and information about employee personnel is always available. This also requires many experiments since system analysts in medical centers are expected to continually test their databases so that they can up with the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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