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About a movie - Essay Example

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Romantic comedies portray such ideals related to love and are light-hearted and amiable. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a Canadian-American romantic comedy film released in 2002. It is about…
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Essay about a movie
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding Love is a beautiful experience where two people from different backgrounds come together. Romantic comedies portray such ideals related to love and are light-hearted and amiable. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a Canadian-American romantic comedy film released in 2002. It is about the love and marriage between two people from different cultural backgrounds.
Fatoula ‘Toula’ Portokalos, the central female character in the movie, is a thirty year old Greek American from a middle class family that runs its own restaurant business. She is thirty but feels conflict between the expectations of her traditional Greek family and the individualistic American society. Her family expects her to marry a Greek man and raise children. His father is over-patronising, according to Toula, as he refuses to let her pursue further education in a computer academy. She manages to achieve it with the help of her mother and eventually takes up an office job and stops working at her family restaurant.
Toulaa, played by Nia Vardolas, undergoes sea change in terms of her looks, grooming and fashion in the mean time. At the same time, she falls in love with a young Anglo-Saxon Protestant, Ian Miller, who is a school teacher, played by John Corbett. Toula’s patriarchal Greek family, especially her overbearing father, refuse to accept their relationship and Ian agrees to be baptised as a Greek Orthodox Christian, which earns the family’s approval. The families get introduced and the couple get married eventually.
The movie is a portrayal of ethnic-identity, romance and interaction between cultures. For example, while almost everyone in Toula’s large extended family interferes in wedding planning, Ian is surprised at just the size of her family and the number of cousins she has. Especially when the two families come together and interact, the differences are more evident. For instance, Ian’s nuclear family is surprised to see that every single person from Toula’s extended family being present at the introduction and make it a big party.
The movie was very interesting to watch and it was pleasant and funny. It was also insightful into inter-cultural marriages. The range of characters and their vastly different characteristics made the movie a great experience.
Work Cited
The Big Fat Greek Wedding. Dir. Joel Zwick. Perf. Nia Vardolas, John Corbett, Lainie Kazan, Michael Constantine. IFC Films, 2002. Film. Read More
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