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Media violence - Essay Example

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The current rates of violence increase in the United States (U.S) and the world in general is increasingly alarming with various parties presenting differing attributes towards the cause of the increased violence (Bickham 15). There is essential need in understanding and solving…
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Media violence
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Download file to see previous pages Various individuals and research groups have constantly attributed the increased rate of violence among the children and youths as a result of media influence (Phillips 26). Various forms of media present violent incidences as well as games with numbers attracted towards these violent views and video games constantly increasing. It is equally important to note that other researchers attribute violent media as an outlet of aggression as opposed to source of violence among any group within the society. The paper therefore explores the reasons why violent games and videos need to remain out of blame while searching for increased rise of criminal activities among children and the youth.
To derive sufficient evidence that will lead to real answers, a focus on trends as well as averages is essential as opposed to simply relying on statistical outliers to measure the extent that criminal games and videos as well as other forms of criminal forms of games presented by the media affect the society (Foster). Focusing on logical trends like where an individual goes to work on eight hours a day and then heads home to engage in other forms of leisure while a kid plays for one hour and heads for a shooting spree is essential. It is also important to recall that even if there exists a connection between violent games as well as aggressive behavior, there lacks evidence to signify casualty (Hofmann133). There is a likelihood that violent criminals may choose violent games but there is still millions of children who engage on violent games day-day out but the vast majority of these children still remain as normal and law-abiding citizens.
In the U.S, the concept interrelating video game violence and young people was taken to the national spotlight in a case where a California law banned sale of some specific violent related videos and games was brought in the Supreme Court. The enforcement of the 2005 failed to take effect at the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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