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It involves the interaction between the students and the teacher and within a physical environment. Despite the close relation between the teacher and the students,…
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Chess Chess Introduction Body Conclusion Chess Learning, in my point of view, refers to the process of acquiring knowledge from the external environment. It involves the interaction between the students and the teacher and within a physical environment. Despite the close relation between the teacher and the students, academic performance is still low. In order to boost academic performance, chess has been introduced among the students to improve their performance. This paper seeks to examine how chess improves academic performance in the students.
It has been recognized and known in the world as what build the strong intelligence. But it is unfortunate that in countries like united Nation it was recognized in the late years. It improves the cognitive ability rational thinking and reasoning even to those children that show low performance in class. Traditional education has not reached the latent energy discovered by the chase. It farther improves logical thinking, instills in the children sense of worth and improves the communication pattern which determines the outcome of the learning process.
A part from improving the communication patterns, chess teaches the values like hard work, concentration and objectivity and commitment among the pupils. The concentration level coupled with commitment and objectivity are the basic foundation for good performance. The idea of improved performance is farther supported by the empirical observation in the experiment done in Marina in which it was observed that 55% percent of the students shown significant improvement in the academic performance after smattering chess instruction. Other experiment dines on the same yields the same result. It is therefore evidenced and clearly elaborated to agree with the chess to improve performance base on the above aforementioned observations. Read More
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