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Visual Learning and Students' Response - Research Paper Example

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Research Proposal Topic Suzanne Mckay-Mahaffey Columbia Southern University Research Methods 4/20/2012 Visual Learning and Students’ Response Introduction In this modern age, knowledge is power, and almost everyone has access to formal education. However, not everyone gets the education needed to equip them with knowledge required in this transforming world…
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Visual Learning and Students Response
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Download file to see previous pages Visual learning techniques can be achieved by use of computer graphics, cartoons, diagrams, posters, maps, charts, graphic organizers, graphs and many others that these learners can respond well to. Research has shown that students respond to learning in different ways and therefore, it is important for instructors to determine the kind of learners they have and employ appropriate learning techniques. Visual learners display a variety of characteristics including being good at spellings, quiet study times, like of colors and fashion, good performance in sign language, taking time to think before understanding lectures, understanding charts but forgetting names. Visual learning technique helps students connect to objects in a unique way in that they reflect, internalize and finally synthesize their information. Russel Ackoff suggested that the most important contribution of a first rate 21st century education is not content, but that we acquire the capability to learn and are motivated to do so throughout our lives (Bartoletti, 128). It is therefore important to determine if and how visual learning improves the performance of a student. Various software packages and tools like Microsoft power point are used to enhance learning, thus making the exercise very interactive. Customization of effects that include color, gives the audience a better understanding of what is under discussion, providing visual learning with an edge over other traditional methods. Through this, it’s very easy for students to recall what they have been taught with the help of images, similar effects are employed in early childhood. Problem Statement Student performance has been declining mostly in developed countries; this is because colleges, high schools and other education systems are still using teaching styles that were used a long time ago in a modern society. The society is evolving rapidly and so it has been of great concern to change the older methods used for teaching in the education sector and replace them with new effective methods so as to cope up with changes in the contemporary world. Research has shown that use of visual learning style is very effective and can be emphasized at the expense traditional auditory style. This research seeks to find out how visual learning improves students’ performance. Rationale for the Research It has been proven that most students respond best to visual images during learning and are likely to remember objects by visualizing whatever is taught. This research is carried out to establish how the use of these images or visuals, help students improve their performance and find the tools that can be employed to efficiently carry out this technique. In order to work effectively with the visual learning tools and achieve desired results, we have to determine and understand how student react to these images together with their function in enhancing understanding and performance of students. It has been determined that learning standards are going down gradually and sooner or later, education will lack meaning due to poor quality and low performances achieved by learners. Therefore, the use of new approach to learning like visual learning can help reverse this situation and make improvements. This research will determine ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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