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The authors fit in with others by arguing that managers should observe ethics when executing their duties for them to succeed (Stevenson, & Wood,…
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Evaluating source material
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Evaluating Source Material Evaluating Source Material Question Locating the The of the article aim at developing a business ethics model that organizations in the developed countries may follow. The authors fit in with others by arguing that managers should observe ethics when executing their duties for them to succeed (Stevenson, & Wood, 2008).
Question 2 Strengths and Weaknesses
The first paragraph is analytical because it argues that the past literature does not have a model of ethics. The words, “in the 30 years that business ethics has been a discipline in its own right,” demonstrate that the paragraph is analytical.
The second paragraph is also analytical because it states social responsibility refers to action that is accepted by the society using the words, “an action that society expects.” However, the authors do not state their point clearly. Instead of using the word ‘rather,’ they would have used the term additionally. This term is more analytical than ‘rather.’
The third paragraph is analytical because the author uses the word “this process, however, is predicated on the interrelationship between business and society where each one is interdependent and responsible together for the outcomes,’ to indicate that the continuity of business ethics depends on the relationship between the society and organizations. The authors have also supported their point using a citation that recognizes the authors who argued that for the development of mutual relationship between the society and businesses (Stevenson, & Wood, 2008).
Question 3 What I would Ask the Authors
I would like to ask the authors to identify the model of business ethics that they promised to deliver in the introduction. This is because the authors stated that their aim of writing the paper was to provide a business ethics model, which is lacking in previous literature.
I would also like to ask the authors how many sources of literature they analyzed to conclude that no one has developed a model of business ethics. I would also ask the authors to explain whether it is only executives who should act ethically in their duties.
Stevenson. G., & Wood, G., 2008. ‘A model of business ethics.’ Journal of business ethics 77. Pp. 302-322. Read More
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Evaluating Source Material Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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