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Perfume is a composition of fragrant vital oils or aroma elements, fixatives and solvents applied to enhance the scent of the human bodies, objects, animals, food and living spaces. Archeological digs and…
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Download file to see previous pages Since then perfumes are widely applied in various settings of the sphere. Their role is enormous, ranging from the individual respective, as a consumer learning tool, in mood therapy, in foods, detergents among others (Bennett 49). The broad application of perfumes triggered the researcher to explore their relevance in determining the attitudes of the human organism.
The survey used both survey and literature review. The literature review was employed to assist in ascertaining the gap that exists in the study of perfumes and how they elicit moods in humans. Further, the deduction of the literature was vital in determining the current state of affairs, its theories and the developments in the sector. The synthesis of the literature reveals that humans are wired in a way that their sense of smell leads them to automatic approach-avoidance Responses inclusive of general attitudes, emotion and actions. The resultant responses are either positive or negative. Human being search for pleasurable experiences, and they always aim to avoid any painful or negative experiences as per nature. Based on the categorization theory, the study realized that it is possible to break pleasures into forms involving sensory, emotional and social traits (Porcherot 939). The review showed that emotional preferences typically stem from aesthetic stimulation. For instance, the smell of roses can remind one of a pleasant childhood, which arouses good moods in the individual. Sensory pleasances are the simplest forms to comprehend since they involve the pleasures created by sensory contact with outside stimuli. He further argues that Social pleasures arise from contact and interaction with peers. The experiences of persons can involve one form or a mix of the described pleasure types though in the end, individual summaries the experience as a memory that falls into a single ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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