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King Lear - Essay Example

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This tragedy draws attention of those artists, who are able to find modern issues and ideas in great creations of the past. Shakespeare makes us think about important issues of our modern…
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King Lear
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Download file to see previous pages King Lear is a person who has many fine inclinations, however, he became a victim of wrong development. The power he possessed as a master over life and death of his citizens, the flattery and general servility strongly developed his self-conceit and vanity. All his goals were directed not at great deeds and mutual benefit, but at the satisfaction of his own desires. But with all his despotism and self-love Lear, even at the beginning of the tragedy, doesnt belong to people for whom the power and wealth are the top priorities. Most of all he wanted to be human. However, his own understanding of dignity got the perverted expression, it developed into self-adoration that reached an extreme point.
The division of the kingdom between the daughters and refusal of his property, the deed that seemed reckless at first sight, had the internal logic. Lear believed that all the people loved him as a person, he wasnt able to differentiate those who really fed for it love, from those who loved only a monarch in him.
He decided to give the property to his daughters, to become free of royal greatness and to take pleasure in human greatness. He was sure that without the power and property he will have the same respect and love; moreover, he wanted to have moral satisfaction being appreciated as a human. Believing in his superiority, he fondly thought that he remained the king in moral sense even if he was not a king any more.
Therefore, making the division of the kingdom, he demands from daughters the expression of love to him. But, in reality, he demands not love, but obedience to his will, because he didnt get used to take into account feelings and desires of other people. Therefore, he turns out Cordelia whose answer did not satisfy him: “And yet not so; since, I am sure, my loves More richer than my tongue.” (Act 1 Scene 1), and gives all the property to two older ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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