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The topic will be in the instruction plus the attached file - Essay Example

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According to the BMC Public Health journal, the U.A.E. ranks fifth in the world in terms of obesity prevalence (Saberi 2012). Obesity as a…
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The topic will be in the instruction plus the attached file
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Extract of sample "The topic will be in the instruction plus the attached file"

Fighting Obesity in the U.A.E. Statistics from different reputable organizations indicate that the prevalence of obesity in the U.A.E has grown to mind boggling levels. According to the BMC Public Health journal, the U.A.E. ranks fifth in the world in terms of obesity prevalence (Saberi 2012). Obesity as a health problem affects many nations across the world, more especially developed countries. The problem affects men, women and children and does not discriminate people by age. Obesity is associated with several health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, liver failure, fatty liver disease, and metabolic syndrome (Harding, 2012; Cleland, 2013).
In the U.A.E, and indeed across the world, the problem should be tackled before the situation gets worse. Tackling the obesity issue effectively demands the appreciation of the root causes of the problem. Experts agree that the main factors behind rising obesity prevalence levels across the world are sedentary lifestyles (lifestyles devoid of exercise) and poor eating habits. In respect of eating habits, it is worth noting that the consumption of too much fatty, sugary, junk, and salty foods easily lead to obesity. To this effect, individuals should eat less of junk foods, consume more vegetables, and exercise more as ways of preventing and dealing with obesity.
As a way of dealing with obesity in schools, the ministry of health plans to introduce physical exercise (P.E.) lessons as part of the school curriculum. By having three lessons of P.E. a week with each lesson taking 40 minutes, school children will become more active and burn excess fats in their bodies that would otherwise lead them to become obese. Secondly, the ministry plans to regulate the kinds of foods that children are given in school and those that are available in school canteens. The ministry will work toward ensuring that schools offer balanced diets and that canteens stock no junk foods.
Cleland E. (June 16, 2013) “Obesity is a growing problem in the UAE, says health expert”. The National.
Harding, N. (July 5, 2012). “The true cost of obesity in the UAE”. Friday Magazine.
Saberi Mahmood (July 6, 2012). “UAE the fifth most obese country in the world”. Gulf News. Retrieved from Read More
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