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Bibiliography 2 - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Today, with the evolution of technology, the number of people who use cell phones is increasing, and the number of situations when people use them tends to increase as well; driving a car should not be one of them, though.
The bill introduced by McCarthy will allow using…
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Annotated Bibiliography 2
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Extract of sample "Bibiliography 2"

While one group of people believes that the use of mobile phones should be banned, others believe that such law is unenforceable.
The author of the article is working on the issue of passing legislation on the ban of using cell phones while driving to make the roadways safer and prevent a great number of accidents.
Being shocked at the fact that texting while driving is banned only in a range of states, the author has developed a bill which introduces guidelines on the use of cell phones while driving.
Today, with the evolution of technology, the number of people who use cell phones is increasing, and the number of situations when people use them tends to increase as well; driving a car should not be one of them, though.
The bill introduced by McCarthy will allow using voice-activated and vehicle-integrated devices while driving a car. The bill also establishes the standards every state should adopt as well as grants the states the opportunity to introduce even stricter standards if necessary.
Banning texting while driving is not a political matter only as in accordance with the poll conducted by CBS News and New York Times, about 90 percent of American citizens support the ban of the use of cell phones while driving.
A range of studies shows that texting while driving is dangerous for the lives of people on the road.
Today, significant steps, such as forums and summits on the issue, are taken to adopt the law.
A ban should be nationwide because driving is not isolated within states.
Work Cited
McCarthy, C. "Should Texting While Driving Be Banned? Yes." U. S. News 13 October 2009, n. pag. Web. 27 Feb. 2015. . Read More
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