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The factor increased the abuse of prescribed drugs across the country. For instance, a person could easily walk into a doctor’s office and say they suffer from anxiety and they could be easily…
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Drugs abuse
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Legal Concerns on Prescribed Drugs Abuse Over the years, the laws against the access of prescribed drugs were minimal. The factor increased the abuse of prescribed drugs across the country. For instance, a person could easily walk into a doctor’s office and say they suffer from anxiety and they could be easily provided with Xanax or Vicodin enough for 90 days (Belz 1). With the increasing trend numerous states have developed law that hinder the access of prescribed drugs. The laws provide for both abusers and medical practitioners (Trust for America’s Health 1). Moreover, the laws are tough enough at the same level as laws for drugs such as marijuana.
In the article by Belz Tennessee has enacted laws that have make it difficult for drug stores to sell prescribed drugs (1). The laws also hinder the ease access of prescribed drugs by users. The article describes the laws effective way of dealing with the access of prescribed drugs. For instance, patient are required to take a urine test every few months to determine the level of illness or drug use. In additional, the patient is also required to visit a doctor for illness analysis before they could acquire a 30-day refill (Belz 1). From the results of patients, any medical practitioner is required to request the results before they could prescribe drugs. From the database created the state has been able to flag illegal instances of access of prescribed drugs. This approach has been exceptionally effective in the states objective to fight the abuse of prescribed drugs.
According the Mayo Clinic Staffs, people who legally consumer commonly abused prescribed drugs often face the risk of getting addicted without proper prescription (1). For this reason, addiction may lead to illegal acquisition of prescribed drugs. Consequently, consumption of prescribed drugs should be done under accurate and definite prescriptions. The Mayo Clinic Staff provides ways that a patient could ensure they have correct prescriptions for their drugs. Firstly, the patient should ensure they are provided with the correct medication. The patient should then constantly check with their doctor for medical and drug analysis. This ensures the patients receives proper medication. The direction of use of the prescribed should then be followed effectively. The patient should also be educated enough by the supplier or practitioner on what their medication does (Mayo Clinic Staff 1). This includes education on side effects of the drugs. The prescriptions of another patient should not be used by another person. If a patient ignores these safety precautions may be perceived to have allowed the illegal consumption of prescribed drugs.
From the arguments presented, it is accurate to assert that the illegal consumption of prescribed drugs is a significant problem. In addition, the responsibility should be both on the patient sides and the supplier. With proper precautions, states can develop way that minimize the illegal access of prescribed drugs. The increase of legal approaches to the issue will increase the effective responsibility of the government to tackle the abuse of prescribed drugs.
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