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Percocet Abuse - Essay Example

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Percocet is chemically prepared in combination of the narcotic i.e. oxycodone and acetaminophen. They are mixed with a view to fetching a synergistic influence on pain. Oxycodone entails the similar impact in form of effect and addiction. The Acetaminophen is also termed as Tylenol…
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Percocet Abuse
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Extract of sample "Percocet Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages The abusers take the percocet in form of pills that for chewing and snorting after being crushed like cocaine. (Percocet information)
The prolonged administering of narcotics particularly for continuous two to three weeks is vulnerable to addiction. Even the reasonable doses of some narcotics gradually lead to the fatal overdose. While enhancing the doses of narcotics, the person may initially feel restless and nauseous and then gradually goes towards loss of consciousness and abnormal breathing. It may also demonstrate withdrawal symptoms that may continue for months together. Sometimes percocet is also mixed with other drugs such as alcohol, antispasmodic drugs like Congentin, Bentyl, Donnatal, tranquilizers like Thorazine and mellaril, narcotic painkillers like Daryon and Demerol, sedatives like Phenobarbital and Seconal, to have enhanced influences. (Percocet information)
The prescription of regulated substances at most of the cases appear to be the simplest and most effective method at times while the patient is effected by physical or emotional pain. However, in selected cases this strategy gives rise to the prescription drug abuse and hurt the patients. The concept of right use of medication differs with the different groups of physicians and differing societal beliefs and this makes the detection of prescription drug abuse really difficult. Particular mode of drug use leads to greater risk of harm than benefit. Such adoption manners among others incorporate increased adoption of a substance in absence of consultancy by the physicians, utilization of a substance for other than the definite medical conditions, persistent use of substance irrespective of adverse impacts and persistent efforts to obtain such substances. (Isaacson; Hopper; Alford; Parran, 2005)
The real physical dependency on the drug cannot be called as drug abuse. Physical dependence indicates a pharmacologic condition that signifies sudden discontinuance of intake of some substances may give rise to symbolic withdrawal symptoms. Tolerance indicates a condition in that gradually increasing intake of substances is necessitated to have the similar impact. A prolonged treatment of a patient may demonstrate physical dependence or tolerance in form of a biological incident to the medication having no misuse or abuse. To illustrate a patient suffering from metastatic cancer administered with high doses of narcotics for pain relief turns to be physically dependence fetches severe withdrawal symptoms when discontinued suddenly. In such circumstances the patient is required to be convinced about the advantages of the drugs and about the difference between physical dependence and drug abuse. (Isaacson; Hopper; Alford; Parran, 2005)
Conversely, there is indication of prescription drug abuse even in absence of any physical dependence on a substance. This circumstance may result while the administering of a substance is continual and still considerably interferes with the function. A substance can also be administered occasionally and in a dose not adequate to generate physical dependence, for reasons different than to take care of a defined medical complicacy. At last it is also significant to recognize that patients may be deterred from taking sufficient doses of a regulated substance for various kinds of reasons and be misinterpreted as having the problem of a drug ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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