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Writing to solve - Essay Example

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Herein, the chosen problem is the lack of public parks in United States. In addition, the proposal may include a number of recommendations and solution along with the discussion of…
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Writing to solve
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Extract of sample "Writing to solve"

Download file to see previous pages Increased exercise and workout can result in reducing critical health issues such as obesity. Herein, it should be noted that United States is well-known all around the world as an obese nation. A large budget is spend every year for spreading awareness concerning obesity. Access to public parks can allow the government to cut down on the cost that is being accounted because of the increased prevalence of obesity in United States.
Furthermore, as per the recent evaluation, it was observed by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that if people are given access to areas and activities for physical exercise then the rate of obese people can be reduced to a high extent. At the same time, there were other results noted as well. It was observed that people who had access to public parks were able to regain their energy and remained active in their daily routine. Similarly, various researches found out that children who live closer to Public Parks are more inclined towards making physical activity their routine activity that allows them to maintain their weight right from the early age (Garvin, 2011).
However, the critical aspect is that despite increased awareness concerning access to public parks and its impact of health, very few communities in United States have access to the parks. As per the statistical underpinning, the issue of lack of public parks is evident in urban areas of United States. Talking in general about New York City, less than 1.5 public parks are available per 1000 citizens. It is due to this condition that people ignore the significance of undertaking daily exercise. Also, low-income citizens are not able to afford expensive memberships of gyms (Maron, 2013).
The major issue or barrier that has been noticed in the planning of public parks is the increased parking lots that take up a lot of area in urban areas such as New York City. Therefore, it is suggested that the high towers such as Corrigan ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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