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Restoration of the Parks Ecosystems - Research Proposal Example

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Ecological restoration involves a deliberate move that is initiated to reinstate the lost and existing components of an ecosystem.Restoration of an ecosystem may become necessary if it has been mutilated,altered or destroyed because of direct and indirect human activities or a result of other natural factors …
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Restoration of the Parks Ecosystems
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Download file to see previous pages Ecological restoration involves a deliberate move that is initiated to reinstate the lost and existing components of an ecosystem. Restoration of an ecosystem may become necessary if it has been mutilated, altered or destroyed because of direct and indirect human activities or a result of other natural factors Wildfires, flash floods, turbulent storms and volcanic eruptions have destroyed natural habitats of organisms to the point that the natural balance in the system is no longer exist. Although the original state of an ecosystem might be impossible to achieve, restoration should focus on trying to get to that condition. It is very important to note there are several factors hampering restoration efforts to the initial level, these include current constraint and some other factors that may change the restoration path. The initial level of an ecosystem hugely affected by human activity and other factors may be difficult or impossible to determine with accuracy (Maltby, 2008). The best mechanism to build restoration efforts is by embarking on building of sufficient knowledge of the ecosystem. About the High Park This is a valuable and certainly unique environment in the city of Toronto, as it a host to numerous interactions of different organisms. Besides these organisms, millions of people visit the park every year, some come do jog, walk their dogs, play soccer, cycle and other outdoor activities and others just come to marvel at this beauty (Egan, Hjerpe and Abrams, 2011). ...
Fourth, the park consist of a total of 99 existing significant plant species with 4 provincially rare, 9 regionally rare and 86 locally rare plant species. Fifth, there are 250 migratory bird species and a host of 48 breeding bird species, about 6 butterflies of conservation concern, 19 species of mammals and 8 species of amphibians and reptiles. The park was established in the year 1873, it is one the heartbeat of Toronto life as it is the key to the daily lives of the residents of the city. This is the reason that makes it important to develop sufficient proposal to restore the park to its initial setting for people to use continually and the organisms to be hosted unharmed. This is because human activities in the park have lead to some organisms to be endangered and the degradation of organisms and certain locations of the park such as the ponds, the wetlands, forests and meadows, wildlife and creeks. Therefore, to restore the park for the future generations to benefit from and marvel at, it is important that restoration efforts of the park to be taken seriously and further be compliment by proper management and maintenance. This proposal aims at determining strategies and mechanisms that can be effectively applied to restore High Park’s ecosystems. Image 1: An aerial view of High Park showing massive human activities Adopted from Formation of the High Park The area occupied by the park currently was composed of glaciers in the Ice Age; it owes its topography and soil to this period. Researchers insist that as warming began, the melting glaciers started to move to the north of the country, resulting in the formation of a lake, which is very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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