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Importance Of E-learning For Education - Essay Example

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The paper "Importance Of E-learning For Education" focuses on various aspects of the eLearning world and using of eBooks to teach students in the world. It also gives information about the various universities and educational institutions that utilize this eLearning sources…
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Importance Of E-learning For Education
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Extract of sample "Importance Of E-learning For Education"

Importance Of E-learning For Education
From the previous outline posted, which is included as a part of this analysis of 2 paragraphs, I focused on various aspects of the eLearningworld and he use of eBooks to teach students in the world. I also pointed out to the various universities and educational institutions that largely utilize this eLearning sources. As earlier thought out, it is very important that this form of education is well utilized since it is available to all persons in the world as this would lead to better learning practices all over. In this post, I am basically going to focus on two paragraphs from my previous upload on the outline and I will expound effectively on the ideas raised. More specifically, I am going to focus on paragraph 2 and paragraph 3.
In paragraph 2 of the outline, I briefly mentioned on the effect of the introduction of eLearning to teachers. According to a research conducted by Boston College in 2010, where they were evaluating the effect of eLearning on the teacher's mastery as well as their students, they found out that eLearning was important to the teachers since they were able to better master the content. However, due to continued use of eLearning, some were found to be highly dependent on it and did not deliver effectively. The students were also found to be able to get the proper mastery of the content taught since they could read the books, even from their phones as long as they could connect to the internet. (Laura, 20).
Thus, from this information, it is very open that the use of learning does not have a negative effect on the teachers as it is usually asserted, on the contrary, it helps the teachers to effectively dispense their activities. I also focused on the regulation of learning activities by the governments in this paragraph. Basically, governments have the power to alter or influence the activities carried out in their jurisdictions. This being the case, the regulation of learning by governments in different countries is not a matter of much worry, assuming that the governments in question will act in good faith and in order to balance different activities for the good of its citizens.
In paragraph three, I mentioned about the effects that the use of eLearning technologies has had on the publishing world. Though there are various thoughts and conviction, it is evident that the eLearning technology has had effects on the publishing industry. However, there is every reason to encourage the use of elearning technology despite the danger it poses to the publishing market. Ithas been foundthat some people prefer reading their books as hard copies and not in soft copies. Therefore, this being the case, the loyal market of the publishers has not been affected by the introduction of the elearning technology. The only manner in which the use of elearning technology has affected the publishing industry relates to the young learners who prefers not to buy books from the bookshops as hard copies but goes for the e-books versions.
In conclusion, all these factors in different ways to promote the use of eLearning despite the challenges it poses to the hard copies publishing industry.
Works Cited
Laura M, O’Dwyer, Jessica Masters,. "E-learning for Educators: Findings 2010 Report." 2 February 2015. Boston College.. Read More
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(Importance Of E-Learning For Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Importance Of E-Learning For Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Importance Of E-Learning For Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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