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From the paper "The Favorite Pet" it is clear that the friendliness of a dog to its master is so kind that it likes licking the body of the master. On seeing its masters, it jumps over him producing friendly sounds due to its excitement. My pet exhibits all the above admirable characteristics…
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The Favorite Pet
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My Favorite Pet
I have a strong liking for dogs. For this reason, I consider dogs as my favorite pets.. A dog is a four footed domesticated animal. Its two eyes are shiny and bright, making them so beautiful. It has two ears that may be dropping or upright, a small tail covered with soft fur and sharp teeth to break bones. I like playing with my dog, especially when it bites my clothes with its sharp teeth. Dogs are very playful, especially their young ones, the puppies.
There are different types of dogs with varying colors; some have long fur and others have short fur. I particularly love the ones with long fur due to the tenderness of the touch.
Dogs can be used for many purposes, provided their master gives them adequate training. The dogs have a very high IQ and are easy to learn what they are instructed ( They are used in homestead to provide security. They have the ability to alarm the master when invaded by thieves and other intruders. In providing protection, dogs are used in tracking of criminals by the policemen.
Dogs can swim under the water without drowning. Their swimming skills are so admirable and do not depend on the size of the animal ( In all parts of the world, a dog is among the animals that one cannot miss.
A dog is a very faithful animal to man and is among the first animals to be domesticated. Dogs’ true faithfulness to its master is so good. The friendliness of a dog to its master is so kind that it likes licking the body of the master. On seeing its masters, it jumps over him producing friendly sounds due to its excitement. My pet, a dog, exhibits all the above admirable characteristics.
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