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Will single issue movement for soil conservation and clean water inevitably fail - Essay Example

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Thus, single issue movement concentrates on how to control use of harsh fertilizers and forgets to address over-exploitation which makes it to fail.
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Will single issue movement for soil conservation and clean water inevitably fail
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Extract of sample "Will single issue movement for soil conservation and clean water inevitably fail"

Download file to see previous pages Over exploitation has led to climate change and global warming. Human activities, such as urbanization and industrialization have resulted in pollution of water and air that causes global warming due to acidic rainfall. Global warming has been a menacing problem to the world over the years. Many countries have formed commissions to try and come up with measures that will control these changes. Soil pollution is a result of over-cultivation of the land and use of harsh fertilizers. Failure to plant cover crops leads to erosion of the top soil that is fertile and good for crop production. Industrialization has led to water pollution. Agents of water pollution are; sewage water that is channeled into the rivers, industrial waste, and oil spillage into water bodies. It is important to keep the water bodies clean because the water is said to be life. Contaminated water leads to various diseases that affect both human beings and plants. Nature can be unforgiving if not cared for .The Nobel Prize winner Wangari Mathai said if we do not take care of the nature, nature will destroy us. Single issue movement of soil conservation and clean water will inevitably fail. This is because, single issue movement deals with one policy; the solution may not be in a position to solve the problem because it is one sided. This paper is going to analyze how single issue movement of soil conservation and clean water will fail. A lingering concern is that the quality of soil is destroyed by over exploitation by human beings and use of harsh fertilizers. Thus, single issue movement concentrates on how to control use of harsh fertilizers and forgets to address over-exploitation which makes it to fail.
Soil conservation refers to strategies put forth to control soil being eroded or being altered by land use. Exploitation of the soil is as a result of the rapid ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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